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Narrated by Jen Del Mar

#Femdom #MF #FF #BDSM #Erotic #Romance


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Emily Morgan is done with less than stellar one and done chumps. Is there no longer a man out there who takes pride in his performance between the sheets?


One day at lunch, her friend Sabrina handed her a business card with nothing but a website address on it. Emily believed her friend expected her to pay for…services rendered which isn’t the case. Emily tosses it back, but once Sabrina explained the concept behind the Internal Salvation site, Emily took it back.


She embarks upon a journey that awakens her inner Mistress but what she doesn’t expect to find is love. Hunter, one of the so called ‘losers’ she’s sent to evaluate is on to them. Unbeknownst to her, this particular loser is aware of their elusive club and their ways as well as his rating and is seeking redemption.



Out of Bounds

#College #Hockey #Comingofage #NewAdult #Romance


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Out of Bounds is a story about that one friend...


You know, the hot one every older brother has. That unbelievably gorgeous but oh-so-out-of-my-league friend. The fuel for every hot and heavy self-gratifying moment of your life.


Claire Dover was no different. Her crush was Bryce Stanton.


Bryce was the captain of the high school hockey team. A senior. And yes, drop-dead gorgeous. Bryce played alongside her older brother Eli, and Claire never missed a game her entire freshman year.


High school has since passed and now Claire finds herself attending the same college as Eli and Bryce. She had always deemed herself unworthy of this particular hockey God, but little did Claire know, she was his ultimate goal.


Nadia: Mistress of the Undead

This is Nadia's story from book 4 of The Sebastian Chronicles - Prohibition Inhibitions


#Paranormal #Vampire #Historical #BDSM #Erotic #Romance


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Mistress Nadia wasn’t born into the lifestyle, she earned the title. Being a dominatrix became her preferred method of coping, a way to reclaim her life. Never would she suffer at the hands of another.


Nadia’s life began as any peasant youth's had in the rural Russ lands of the fourteenth century, an area later to be known as Russia. She was born the second of three daughters in a tiny farming village, but it was the summer of her eighteenth birth year when life as she knew it forever changed.


Through centuries of extensive training, she worked past the nightmares and PTSD. This newfound way to release the demons of her traumatic past, but at the same time use her gifts to help those in need, was what she craved. What she lived for. Some had lost their way and merely needed guidance while others required a firmer hand. Through her unconventional methods, Mistress Nadia was able to help them all.


The Elders Trilogy book 1

The Awakening


The Awakening, book 1 of The Elders Trilogy is a paranormal coming-of-age romance story.

Jessica Cartright is haunted by a faceless man who controls her nightly dreams. Each night, he draws her deeper and deeper into a nightmare she can’t escape. She struggles to break free of his dark power, but in this realm, she is his prisoner.

For David life in the shadows isn’t a choice—it is a necessity, stemming from dark secrets, corruption, and lies. In a moment of abject weakness, he reveals himself to another human, an act strictly forbidden. And one that doesn’t come without consequences.

Jessica’s dream morphs into her waking life. She no longer knows if the horror she’s experiencing is real or if it is the dream. Now she fears for her very life and has no one to turn to and nowhere to run.

The Elders Trilogy books must be read in order.

The Elders Trilogy book 2



In book 2 of The Elders Trilogy, Consequences, our heroine Jessica Cartright has been forced to leave the life she's knows behind. Hunted by Rogue Vampires, a coven led by her fiancé David's mother Lourdes, the Elders Council has moved them into protective custody.


Lourdes and her coven have made it their life's mission to see to it that David and Jess never marry. The only way she can ensure this never takes place is by ending Jess's life, no matter what it costs her.


Hunted by the council for her crimes committed against not only humankind, but the vampire community as well, will Lourdes be able to pull off the attack and escape unscathed? Or will she and Jess succumb to the same, bloody end?


The Elders Trilogy is an erotic, paranormal/horror romance series. While this book is predominately MF, there are some bi-sexual elements including a Reverse Harem scene.

The Elders Trilogy book 3



Mother’s execution comes at sunrise.


Father is an empty shell of the strong man he once was.


How am I expected to keep it together?


Bloodshed amongst our kind was frowned upon, but the hideous crimes my mother and her band of rogues committed left the council with no other recourse.


An eye for an eye.


Blood for blood.


Now what was once will be no more. Everything changed in the blink of an eye and there is no turning back now.


Revenge will be mine, and they will all die.




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